DMG Motto:

Träume nicht dein Leben, Lebe deinen Traum. Nun liegt es an uns mit der Ernährung das Maximum raus zuholen, wir nehmen diese Aufgabe sehr ernst und nur das beste ist gut genug für unsere Bullies.

Want to have a quality, healthy bully?
We offer a life long relationship with our new puppy and owners, and we are happy to arrange global transportation, feeding plans and lifestyle support for puppy and owners.



WHO We Are

One where dogs are family members and part of our lives.
We are a small family kennel located in the Serbia, we have a small production and we put our heart to produce dogs of high quality, using the best bloodlines in the world I find. DMG Bullys
As always, the main goal of the DMG BULLYS is to select the ideal type of XXL American Bully, aim to have more complete as possible both for the physical appearance and the character.
DMG Bullys Alegra
They spend around the clock with us, having our house and yard at their disposal - they are not locked in pens.
DMG Bullys Kennel
DMG Bullys Playground
All of our pups are examined and vaccinated by licensed veterinarians, micro-chipped, and de-wormed before they move into their new homes.
Our dogs have become bona fide members of our family, that is why we spend much of our time with them and dedicate a lot of our attention to them. Furthermore, they make us happy and proud.
We put a lot of study and work in each of our litter and therefore each litter is carefully put together. Each breeding plan is carefully chosen and our prior is health.
In every breeding we selectively choose the best XXL American Bully Stud and Female to produce puppies that will have great temperament, drive, bone substance, great conformation and working ability. We want to produce XXL American Bully Puppies who possess beauty, intelligence, health and physical strenght.
Our quality standards are very high and because of this we offer seriously and respect in everything connected with this wonderful breed.
DMG Bullys
Our wish is to ensure that you get a bully you will be proud to add to your family.
For any questions and info, call us any day 24/7, contact us via Facebook, Instagram, TikTik or YouTube, or send us an e-mail.